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midnight thoughts
People say that the night
is supposed to calm the spirit
and relax one into a peaceful sleep,
but I’m sitting here,
wrapped in a blanket,
thinking about the stars and the universe and all the things I never told you,
and even though it’s approaching
half a year
since you officially left my life,
you’re still my
11:59 pm thought
and my
12:01 am thought,
and I’m not sure it’s the snake around my neck that’s making it hard to
as ocean’s tides fill my eyes
and wash away the past day’s memories,
and oh my God, it still hurts me to think
that I am completely alone again and that
I don’t have the courage to show you this
except maybe through this book and
oh man, I miss you so much
that even though I was never allowed the
of stroking the smile lines on your face
burying my face in your hair and inhaling so deeply I’m sure to never forget you,
I still feel like I can feel you near me,
in the middle of the day when
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 1 0
We met when I was young and foolish, stumbling from one bad friendship to another.
You took my hand and held me up,
You said you fell in love with me, and that you would do anything to see me happy.
I was hurting and broken and reeling from rejection,
And you wiped the tears from my eyes and under the constellations
You held me
And whispered sweet nothings in my ear
While the heavens shown bright and powerful in the sky,
And I thought that we were invincible.
You told me that cold winter's day that you loved me,
You said you were nervous, shaking, even,
And I admitted that I was not impervious to your charms.
You whisked me away and brought me close and suddenly life because a little sweeter,
Kinda like a lolipop that was old and dry on the surface, but once you wet it
It turns into the most delicious thing you have ever put between your lips and folks,
Get your minds out of the gutter.
Once I had uttered those life changing words from my lips you sped down the tracks,
Racing t
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 2 0
it is 12:37 and my mind is swimming with things to say and confessions to discuss, but i lack both the courage and currently a person to speak to, but there is one person in mind
it is 12:38 and every fiber of my being aches to discuss the universe and life and the deepest pits in our beings and just be there
it is 12:39 and 12:40 and i am sitting here surrounded by the darkness and silence of the night, and i wish that there was someone there with me, even if being there means texting. i am wondering why i am a coward and why i cannot discuss these things under normal circumstances. maybe i am afraid to initiate? after all this time, I am afraid of rejection still
it is 12:41 and i realize that i am a coward in the worst way, because i realize that unless i am asked i cannot bring myself to open up completely. I feel as if i am stuck behind my self-constructed wall that i use for protection, but right now it is doing quite the opposite
it is 12:42 and 12:43 and i am very tired, but I
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 0 0
Songs of Silence
and in the depths of the night
i can hear solitude crying my name.
i return to her gentle embrace
letting her lull my soul to sleep
with her mournful song of tears.
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 2 3
All at Once
And like that, he had me captivated;
I remembered John Green, in his infinite wisdom:
"And as he read, I fell in love with him as one would fall asleep:
Slowly, then all at once.”
And in that time, I knew exactly what she was saying,
Because it was happening.
And as he outlined the future and spoke about his dreams
I laid my head against the wall, sighing softly and smiling to myself in the dark.
I wished that this little infinity would never end, except maybe
The dreams would end up
Coming true.
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 0 0
I hate it.
I hate that I am so scared to lose you.
I’ve been abandoned before;
I should be used to it.
However, I’ve given you free access to my heart,
My soul.
I have given you free reign over it.
But there will come a day,
I fear,
That you will no longer see me in the light
As you do now,
And then you decide that
It just isn’t worth it anymore…
That’s what I fear.
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 2 3
A Willow Tree in the Breeze
i remember as he held me
on that night when the moon was hidden by the clouds,
on that night there the dew froze to the infant grass,
and young parents huddled around their young;
i remember what he told me.
in a sage-like voice he soothed my soul
when tears ran rivers down my black-stained canvas of a face;
his arms wrapped protectively around me.
he whispered sweet nothings in my ear,
telling me to forget.
however, even though we sat in a puddle on the bathroom floor,
sobs shaking the very foundation of the building encasing us,
his most haunting advice entered my mind:
“left to right for attention, up and down for results.”
and somehow, i was sorry that i had screwed up so royally,
that he ended up finding me;
next time, though, i’d be sure to remember his humored voice
in the bathtub, giving me my weapon of choice.
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 2 0
Midnight Confessions
When the night is still
But you’re stirring restlessly,
Bored out of your mind but aching,
I want to be the one you seek out.
When the moon shines high in the
Black void created by the light pollution of a bustling city
And strangers hurry past outside
Alongside bustling traffic,
And your heart pangs for attention and companionship,
I want to be the one you seek out.
When it is 4AM and you’re lonely
And want to tell someone everything, every deepest secret,
I want to be the one you seek out.
:iconsiverslou:SiverSlou 1 0
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General Information:

- Full Name: Riley not gonna tell you
- Public Nicknames: Ry
- Friends-Only Nicknames: Sweetheart, darlin'
- Age: 16 (17 almost)
- Gender: Female
- Acceptable Pronouns: she
- Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight
- Relationship Status: nah :^ )
- Spouse/Partner: n/a
- Date of Birth: 03/09/1998
-Astronomical Sign: Pisces
-Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
- Birthplace: Illinois
- Current Residence: Illinois
- Occupation(s): Waitress/Hostess/Cashier/Tutor


- Blood Type: AB maybe
- Ethnicity/Ancestry: Irish
- Height: 5'7"
- Weight: 138
- Bodily Build: Athletic/Curvy 
- Eye Color: grey
- Hair Color: red
- Skin Tone: pale
- Scars/Markings: eye scar on my left palm, numerous finger scars, scarred knees and elbows

- General Attitude: introverted unless i like you
- Life’s Aspirations: to work with space
- Favorite Foods: lasagna, ice cream, pizza
- Religion: Catholic
- Likes: everything i am a nerd
-Dislikes: people


- Father: okay
- Mother: less okay
- Sister(s): less less okay
- Brother(s): never talk but he is chill
- Best Friends: my baes <3
- Pets: *inhale deeply* 4 cats 8 guinea pigs 1 snake 2 chinchillas 1 african grey parrot and a sugar glider


SiverSlou's Profile Picture
United States
Um, hi. I'm mainly a lurker. I would prefer to look at other people's amazing art than post my... okay art.

I'm 15, a ginger, pretty average. I am pretty much in the middle on the political spectrum, but I lean conservative libertarian.

You know forever alone guy? I'm the female version of that. Not even by choice. Oh well, guess it is what I get for being a loner.

I play the french horn and trumpet, I sing (I'm a contralto), and despite not being good at it, I love drawing/painting/anything to do with art. Oh, and I write.

I am a gamer. I play several browser-based games.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm not very interesting xD


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